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of maryland, pennsylvania and southern virginia a couple warnings there. regional sweep mode a couple areas we are watching of some concern, one cluster here off to the west but you can see the trajectory of that will take it just south of us, some big storms down here and the biggest one up toward new york right now but we are in a relative quiet zone here in the baltimore area. we are not picking up anything. quiet for now but as we work into the rest of the night we could see a couple storms rumble. also look ahead to what is going to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. those details straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. a baltimore county man has been charged with child abuse after police say he left his 5-year- old daughter inside a truck. witnesses spotted the child sitting in a locked pick up truck sunday morning. police arrived and broke a window to rescue the child an employee alerted shoppers to say what was happening but no one came forward. when hector hernandez came forward and approached the truck they arrested him. >>> police in bel air have broken a ring of silence an
unusual. >> a fast decision by maryland's court of appeals. the court ruled that voters should have the final say on whether slots be launched at anne arundel mall. >> the court decides approximately 170 cases a year and most of those cases take an average of about five or six months. >> the court was pressured to decide the case quickly because time was running out to add this to the referendum. cordish wants to open up a casino with slots. >> for the state of maryland, it will mean $500 million a year and about $35 million a year for anne arundel county. >> some believe the decision projects the citizen's right to affect decisions. >> the casino does not belong in a family-friendly mall. the people have a right to appeal. that is what we did. >> in doing so, it has made another organization quite happy. the maryland jockey club. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the body of a swimmer who disappeared on sunday has been recovered. justin oliver was found yesterday. he was trying to swim 50 yards back to shore when he went under. officials want to remind everyo
to another juvenile center in maryland since the incident. department of juvenile services closed the building and fired two employees. >>> police say a child hit by a squad car last night is doing fine. it happened in the 500 block, sheridan avenue north baltimore. a 5-year-old boy darted in between two parked cars the officer driving by tried to avoid him but grazed the boy. he suffered injuries to his legs. >>> the investigation continues into exactly who drove that car into the glen falls curing yesterday's -- during yesterday's storms. it took a twist. brian. >> last night, fire crews pulled that mangled car out of the stream in west baltimore we are still looking for the driver. police say there is no need to search. it was a group of juveniles lost control of the car driving it through the barrier crashing it into the swelling stream although those waters are known to be very dangerous during storms, witnesses tell police they saw the group of kids get out of the car and runaway. >> at this time and this is just our preliminary investigation we have units on the scene as we
got ourselves more heat and more humidity and a few more showers popping up right now. maryland's most powerful doppler and we're highlighting north sections of gaithersburg where they have a shower pushing through it may find its way into the border of southern carroll and north howard county along the i-70 stretch. we'll track that for you. and some clouds being thrown out ahead of those showers. and more back into the mountains. 77 right now that is the temperature in baltimore, 57 easton. it feels like the low zeros with the heat index and we're going through 93 and more big storms pop up this afternoon and this evening. 6:31 and to the roads with kim. >>> we're quiet so far. and no accidents to let you know about. that is always good news. that is the best thing that you want to hear as you head out the door. you see traffic flowing freeley march every where this is the inner an outer are loop no problems i-70. a little more building volume there. and we which can our maps and drive times this morning, no problems on 95 either. we're still dealing with a malfunctioning traffic lig
to politicians in the state of maryland to come here? >> this is a huge deal. it, frankly, should be a holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley, in a tight race for re- election, finds himself in a mob of supportirs. >> cominger-- supporters. >> coming here is one of the rites of summer. it's great to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the most interesting things about this event is how the crowds break into groups of caucuses. you have the o'malley group there. and back here, the front runner in the republican governor's race, bob ehrlich. >> most people have no question that you're going to win the eastern shore. but the question on whether or not you can actually get these people motivated to turn out to vote. what do you have to do? >> our folks are really motivated. they've dealt with four years of martin o'malley. martin o'malley is not what they want, on the shores, particularly. >> reporter: go
-wide vote on weather to build maryland's largest casino outside anne arundel mills mall. it gives them a right. >> it is an essential and fundamental right of the people and it was today preserved, protected and enforced by the court of appeal, and for that we're thankful and grateful. >> reporter: the president of the company who won the right to build the casino said the state is losing $1 million a day that it is not built. billions of dollars are leaving the state to other neighboring states with no benefit to the state. inteed, surrounding states have expanded gaming beyond slot machines to include blackjack tables and poker rooms. but slots opponents say the state referendum on slots which passed in 2008 did not guarantee revenue for the state. >> the creation of new revenues for the state was dependent upon the local community's selling the location in their communities. >> the arundel mills referendum will be on the platte for those who vote in the county on election day november 2nd after a huge victory. opponents say they are confident they'll win that day as well. >> it is s
, a speedy decision by maryland court of appeal. tuesday, the role that voters should have a final say on whether sluts the long in the mall. -- slots the long at the mall. >> there are a part of a seven and a cases a year. they take an average of five or six months. quite the court was pressured to decide the case quickly because time is running out. the order is a setback for baltimore developer who wants to open a casino with up to 4700 slot machines. he calls the project an economic boom for the cash strapped state. >> that is $500 million a year for maryland. that should be starting. >> those opposed believe the court's decision protecting critical aspect of democracy. the citizens' right to challenge decisions made by local lawmakers. >> what is right is that a casino does not belong in a parking lot. that is what people have said. people have a right to appeal zoning legislation. that is what we did. >> now that is over, the battle will fall to the court of public opinion where voters will have the last word. the jockey club is celebrating the decision. they helped finance the p
area of maryland. >> let's check in with a sandwich shop. >> cecil county is under that severe thunderstorm watch. take a look at all of that activity to our north. there are several warnings around eastern pennsylvania and new jersey. there is a strong line of storms. we are wedged in between it right now, though. we are dealing with extremely high humidity. there is instability in the atmosphere. we could see a couple of these things pop up and really explode. we will keep you posted. it is quite right now and it is still very hot. >> let's hope it stays that way. you can track the storm's we would love it if you would share your storm pictures. >> state officials slapped a huge fine on the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center. we broke the story of the air conditioning problems that forced all of the residence to be relocated to other facilities. it david collins is following these developments. >> state officials consider the find substantial and the deficiencies associated with it significant. at the order is confirmed that one male resident suffered hea
-atlantic region and maryland later on this afternoon. there is a lot of breaks in the overcast. we have enough sunshine to create that lived in the atmosphere to produce a thunderstorm later on this afternoon. right now, pretty sparse. mosely way off to a west and parts of tennessee and kentucky. the further we go into the day, the better the chance of seeing a thunderstorm pop up. temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. 84 in westminster, with a little bit of cloud cover north. a forecast is a mixture of sunshine and clouds this afternoon, hot and humid, a chance for a few thunderstorms. 40 percent in market that you will see it in your neighborhood -- 40% mark that you will see it in your neighborhood. keep an eye out for this later today. high temperatures and the low 90s. chance for a few thunderstorms below midnight. muggy conditions after that. we do have a little bit of good and bad news in the seven-day forecast. that news is that it will get even hotter as bwe code to the weekend. maybe approaching 100 on saturday. a strong cold front will go for on sunday. scattered thunderstorm
raan falls from the skies over maryland. >> tornado warnings this evening %-helll, i am jennifer gilbert.. >> nd i am jefffbarnd. the storm came fast and furioosú tonight aasearch foo a missing happened on the gwynns falls tonight. jeff? >>well we aae here at an overpassson highway 40 tonight where rescue crews have spent -ll daa keeping watch on the gwynns falls..3 now they are searching for a motorist that they fear could be but so far toniggt, there is no signs of life. >> i have never ssen this. >> with the water rose, feeriig a motorist was swept downstteam. crews raced to the scene before 6:00. franklin town road, they found a car submerged uppiie-down in gwynns falls. >> we cannot tell if there was anyone in he vehicle. and at this oint, we still do not know if anyone was in the vehicle. we got a 911 call from a cell3 phone that actually went dead. seaaching the waterways,ing neighbors athered along overpasses searching for any sign of ife. >> i jjst hope it was nobody i kkew. %-instead of dead.hem alive. >> back live here at the overpass. on highway 40. crews are ca
. the forecast is minutes away. >>> breaking news out of oxon hill, maryland. the inner loop of the beltway is closed because of a deadly accident these are live pictures of the back up near st. barnabas road. at this point, no word on when the inner loop will open, but we will keep you posted. >>> coming up, a local doctor is missing. it might have something to do with what a patient said he did behind closed doors. >> a woman is suing a major airline, trying to force them to return $20. >> new fears the cap over the gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. >>> if you are on facebook, you are not alone. >> as of today, you may have 500 million new friends. half a billion? >> it is half the people. -- is lot of people. one in 14 is using facebook right now. how much time we're spending on it is daunting. >> probably half an hour. >> some people wake up to it, and it is the last thing they do before going to bed. as of today, more than five under million people are around the world are using facebook to keep in touch with friends
's thunderstorms swelled the rapids to 6 feet. and the maryland state police used heat sensors to search for life and found nothing. by 9:00 p.m., it was downgraded to a recovery and still with no evidence of a driver. >>> and when the police pulled the car out of the water, it had no license on it and now, they're using vine number to determine the owner. >>> fire officials say there was no evidence that anyone was in the car. >>> and the crews recovered the body of a man in carroll county. justin oliver disappeared saturday after swimming with friends. it's illegal to swim in any of the area's reservoirs. >>> it looks like anne arundel county residents will have the final say if slots will come to the mall. a vote on the zoning measure can be held. that reversed the lower court ruling last month. the groups criticized the casino saying it would bring traffic and crime. developers said it would bring money. >>> there's a battle to keep the uss comfort in town. >> reporter: it could change port and now, a lawmakers is trying to stop that from happening. a military appropriations bill includes $01
and that will be the case later this afternoon. the reader is just picking up a few sprinkles across western maryland. this batch of rain will miss us this morning. if we get enough sunshine, that will help to create instability that the atmosphere needs to greet thunderstorms later this afternoon. sunshine today is a bad thing. that means the more likely we will get some strong thunderstorms later on. it will be warm and humid. we put a 40% mark on that. of the storms that do developed, some will be strong to severe. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm tonight with temperatures dropping back into the 70's. very little will change for tomorrow. what is going to change as we head into the weekend is the core of the key to in midwest ohio valley will shift over to the mid atlantic. it will get hotter before it gets better by the time we get into the beginning of next week. low 90's today with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. heat index will be over 100 on saturday. showers and thunderstorms late saturday and early sunday. we will get some lower the humidity levels and temperature will drop into
a focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> fairly quiet morning but i want to start with live doppler 9000 hd across montgomery county. we have a couple of light sprinkles between rockville and gaithersburg east of 270. and poolesville and dickerson. on the weather computer, we are expecting a chance of showers and storms across maryland today. some could be strong to severe. we start fairly quiet with isolated stuff this morning. quickly to 80 by 9:00. even lower 80s in southern maryland. lunchtime, northern and western maryland chance of showers and storms upper 80s and we will get to the 90s before the afternoon is out. >>> we have been watching it all morning and it is likely to be with us throughout the rush. the water main break situation that has northbound drivers on silver hill road diverted to on to royal hill plaza. drivers will lose the left lane because work on this. 270 southbound, everyone is still moving at speed. very nice from germantown road to the split. the time is nine minutes after the 6:00 hour. hope you are off to a grit wednesday. we'll be r
and maryland. today state and local police are timid about to crack down on hov violators. the program will target violators along interstate 66, 95, 395, and dulles toll road. authorities will be valid in force during the morning and evening rush hours. they cited more than 1200 drivers in may. worldwide camera violators in arlington today will get $50 tickets. the cameras have been in place for past month. there at three intersections of lee highway. north lynn street, fort myer drive and washington boulevard. another at glebe road at fairfax drive. >>> day 93 of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm brewing in the atlantic could hamper cleanup efforts. this comes as the government is downplaying concerns that the cap is buckling. five weeks have been found nearby. they are calling them very small and the seepage detected on the sea floor two miles away if it's coming from an abandoned well. >>> still ahead, on this wednesday, major developments from the federal racism scandal. the department of agriculture could be backtracking now. >>> another water main break co
the numbers from this year's maryland school assessment. baltimore city administrators will be the first to tell you there is still plenty of room for improvement. >> there were some bright spots in the testing data statewide and in baltimore city. school officials seat -- say they are still seeing signs of progress. >> last year, when you ask me, i said, i am not satisfied. >> school officials say they still -- >> we are making huge gains. the six games -- six grade made a huge gain. more kids, earning better. that is a cause for celebration. >> over a three-year period, officials say the overall student test scores for reading went up as much as 45%. even higher for mathematics. the three-year gain was 71%. >> i want huge leaps every single year. when i looked at the number and saw that we did not jump as high as the previous two years, i was disappointed. >> that prompted a menace traders to send 120 employees inside classrooms to monitor this year's assessment. >> i feel very confident that this was a tremendous effort to and as i said at the time of the george washington announcemen
's office comes to a head on maryland's eastern shore. governor martin o'malley and its republican challenger, robert eric -- robert ehrlich, tried to win over the annual clam bake at somerset county. adam may is there. he reports from chrisfield. >> reporter: thousands here today. and loads of politicians putting aside the bickering. >> reporter: the crab and clam bake is a lot more than just great food. >> what does it mean to the people who come here. >> it's a big deal. it frankly, should be a state holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley finds himself among mobs of eastern shore supporters. >> coming here to the annual seafood festival is one of the rights of summer. it's great. to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the interesting things about this event is how the crowd kind of breaks into groups of caucuses. up here, another republican challenger for governor. and back here, the front runner in the race, bo
of maryland and into the mountains. highs into the low 90s. lower humidity for the day tomorrow and more humid again friday and saturday. the hot weather continues into the first part of the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic? >> we're doing pretty well, the drive along 290 northbound, all travel lanes are open, no hangup theres. just watch for the construction barrels. over to ox enhill, maryland and look on the beltway, inner loop is okay, outer loop from 210 to saint barnabus road, heads-up. they should be picking that up about any time. >>> police are trying to figure out who killed a well known art terrori ist from montgomery county and dumped her body. she was restoring paintings for heads of state and famous hollywood celebrities. on monday her family reported her missing after she didn't return to her rockville home. later police found her body wrapped in a blanket in the alley. police did find tire tracks near the scene. a male suspect is being questioned by police. he has not been charged. >> at this point detectives believe they have the suspect in custody responsible for this death.
en suitland maryland una ruptura en una tuberia de agua deja a varios centros comerciales sin el vital liquido y residencias esto y mas acontinuacion ... saludos y bienvenidos a la emision de noticias de las 11- de la noche.. buenas noches gracias por su sintonia... una cañeria de agua potable en varios negocios y residentes sin el vital liquido... jose angel aguirre nos dice que estan haciendo las autoridades para solucionare problema... una tuberia de agua potable en la calle silver hill road eb suitland maryland ha dejado sin el vital liquido a 2 restaurantes de comida rapida y a mas de 20 casas alrededor del > hace apenas unas horas atrÁs una tuberia de 14 y expf cerrar sus puertas por la falta del suministro de agua trabajadores de la comision de agua potable laboraran horas extras en la noche para poder reemplazar la tuberia antigua por una nueva hasta el momento no se han reportado ninguna persona herida tampoco tuberia rota solo tenemos algunos daÑos materiales alrededor del area y por
of maryland. >>> a maryland department human resources employee is on administrative leave accused of posting the social security numbers and other personal information to more than 3,000 clients to the internet. officials are now investigating. if you are a dhr client and you want to find out if your privacy has been compromised, we want to help you out. so go to our website by going to go to the news tap and click on state. >>> we have a consumer alert for you this morning. it involves checking your freezer. purdue is recalling 91,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. they found small pieces of blue plastic in the nuggets t involved the 1.13-ounce bag of fully cooked chicken nuggets with the best if used by june 9th, 2011. >>> the cap on the well continues to drip. but will it hold under pressure? >>> could 4,000 bathtubs full of mud stop the leak? >>> before you go anywhere, stay with us because justin is here with a look at your morning forecast. >>> we got 77 degrees outside. we have another hot, sticky day and more storms possible this afternoon. as we turn the humidity down we'l
: the maryland state police chopper used heat accept sensors but found nothing. at one point, rescuers lost sight of the cash as it lodged under a bridge and was covered with brush. i just got off the phone with the baltimore city fire department and their public information officer tells me that the recovery operation will not continue in the morning. and just a few minutes ago, they pulled the car out of the water and they were able to tell that there were no tags in this car. so now baltimore city police are getting involved to run the vin on this car to figure out this mystery of how and why it was in the water. reporting live from southwest baltimore, kelly mcpherson, eyewitness news. >> what a mystery. kelly, thank you very much. >>> as you saw storms pounded our region tonight and the severe weather included several tornado warnings. here's a few from sky high chopper 13 from earlier tonight. and a large wall of threatening rain and clouds. from here, we turn to bob turk. >> earlier tornado warnings over portions of hartford county, luckily even though there were some funnel clouds reporte
murder is. >>> fire destroyed a townhome in maryland before maryland and the basement of his home in temple hills. firefighters spent 20 minutes putting out that fire. one firefighter fell for the floor into the basement however he was not injured. the fire was accidental say investigators but it cost $240,000 in damage. no one w injured. >> >>> there were terrifying moments in the middle of a cross-country flight from dulles international airport. at least 30 people were hurt when united airlines jet ran into turbulence on a flight from los angeles forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in denver doug mckelway is live to tell us what happened to. >> if ever there was a reminder to keep your seat belt buckled on a smooth flight, this was it. clear air turbulence is something pilots cannot see on radar. the outside of this alboin 777 -- of thisboeing 777 does not show a scratch but the inside is different. >> it looks like there was a huge party on the plane. >> tomato juice was blast against the ceiling, oxygen masks were shaken loose, and one woman was thrown with such fo
. >>> state troopers in alaska are reopening an investigation into the stabbing death of a maryland man 28 years ago outside a bar in kodiak. he had a lot of cash and bought rounds of drinks that night and was last seen alive 3:00 a.m., 10 minutes later the 27-year- old was found beaten dead between two cars in the parking lot. investigators say the case was reviewed because of so many potential witnesses. >>> live scan features digital finger printing and picture that is are linked to a system to officers can see if a suspect is on parole or probation. a demonstration was held today. major stevens, the guy in charge of this program says the new technology will really help officers out in the field. >>> new technology down in ocean city threatening public safety. green laser pointers are a huge problem harassing or shining laser pointers on a person is banned in ocean city may through mid-july. police say they reported 15 incidents of people breaking the law using the laser pointers. seven people had to be arrested the police chief said it is out of control. >>> now for a look at tonight's
of maryland seeing the remnants moving off the southern part of the eithhr shore. dew points in the low 70s andn that mmans the humidity is going to mmke it feel warmer, it %-make!!atmosphere and itmakes . the traffic edge. here is candace. debbie as part of the morning commute..3 light activity on theebbltway traveling at harford road. we're in the green from 95 up toward 83 in fact, so right now clip, 54 miles per hour. looking good as well from the beltway, favorable conditions, 3 minutes 55 miles per hour there. ooly 53 miles per hour with an 8-minute drive on southbound 895 from the haabor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. >>> 5:02 on fox 45 early edition. a city police officer accused of raping a woman on a rouuine traffic stop will learn today if he will face criminal charges. megan gilliland joins us live from city police headquarters with more onnthe investigation released good morning. >> reporter: good morninn, patrice. police have been combing through the officer'' police cruuser searching for forensic evidence.
williams of kensington, maryland, is charged with first-degree murder. he has a bond hearing scheduled today at 1:00 this afternoon. police say he worked in the same warehouse area as miss naimi. she was reported missing sunday by a relative and found dead in the district in northwest the next day. the police will fnot say how sh died. her business partner tells us he lost a good friend and artist. >> i have been involved in a working relationship with her for several years. she has been my day-to-day working companion for the last approximately six months. she was an amazing person and a wonderf wonderful artist and will be surely missed. >> reporter: miss naimi had an extensive rest are may, owned a gallery at one time and worked here to restore art and worked as an art consultant. police in montgomery county will not release a motive. again, that bond hearing is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. we will have more for you tonight. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, elaine. >>> some of the passengers on board that united airlines flight that ran into severe turbulence are sharing th
the fire. >>> the traffic alert for highway drivers in virginia and maryland. today state and local police are teaming up to crack down on hov violators. the enforcement program will target violators on 66, 95, 395, and the dulles toll road. during the morning and evening rush hours. in may, they cited more than 1200 drivers. the on the lookout. starting today, the red light camera violators in arlington will get 50-dollar tickets. they've been in place the past month. at three intersections of lee highway. lynn street, fort myer drive and washington boulevard. there's a camera at glebe road at fairfax drive. >>> day 93 of the gulf coast oil spill. the government's point man is downplaying worries that bp's well is buckling under pressure. thad allen says five weeks -- leaks have been discovered but they have been dismissed as early dislike an oil leak in a car. emily schmidt is in washington with the latest. >> now the the oil spill is contained, bp is considering a new way to kill the oilwell. a government decision about it could come today. it is called a static kill, forcing 200,000 g
and took a degree from the university of maryland college. some of the time he worked as a package sorter in land over hills where he may have had access to some customer information. court records paint another picture. he was caught in an alleged stolen gun selling ring in 2009 and authorities brought a cascade of charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, burglary, false imprisonment and weapons violations. we also learned today that some of the guns seized in that sting that uncorked this case back in july of 2009, some of those guns have been taken by prince george's county police for ballistics tests, presumably in the mother- daughter murders. we don't know the results of the tests. many of the charges i outlined for you, they have been dropped or were not prosecuted in many cases as prosecutors began to realize that this person was a person of interest in these murders, and they began to realign the prosecution strategy and still seeking indictments. those are not expected until next week. as for the serial killer aspect of it, we know there is one other case in bowie where the
of maryland graduate who lived in the same neighborhood in largo, maryland, as the victims. he worked for a delivery service and had access to a customer database where police believe he found his victims. that man is in jail tonight on an unrelated gun charge. >> he will go down as one of the most vile murderers and criminals in the history of the united states. >> police say sources have also linked the same person of interest to the murder of vilma butler in 2008. her body was found in her house which had been set fire. >>> reds-light cameras will officially go online in arlington county in less than an hour. while many drivers are wary about the effectiveness, some local officials say you can't argue with statistics. craig melvin joined us with this story. hi, craig. >> reporter: we're at the corner of ft. meyer just over the bridge of arlington. i want to show you this camera behind me. at 12:01 if that camera catches you running a red, you'll get a ticket in the mail. you had been getting warnings until now. meanwhile, over the bridge the number of drivers getting tickets in the
". >> calming rain falls from the skies over the state of maryland. send peoppe sccambling for cover. hello gain, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. storm came fast and furiius and tonight a frantic search for a missing motorist. jeff abell shows what you say happened along the gwynns fallsú >> i have never seen it like this..3 >> with the water rose, neighbors came ring. downstream.otorist was swept crews raced to the sccne juss before 6:00. they found a car, submerged upside--own in the gwynns falls. >> we do not know if anyone was in the vehicle. we got a 911 call from a cell phone that actually went dead. >> crews haveespent the evening searching waterways. neighbors gathered aaong overpasses searching for any sign of life. >> i just hope it wasn't anybody i knew.3 i hope whoevvr it was, find them alive floating down the ssream. instead of deceased. >> jeff abell, ox 5 news "late edition". ú% tonight, rescue crews say it has bbcome a recovery mission. they have found the car, and pulled it from thh water. >> he tornado arniig thii evening cropped up very quickly. >> y
area. in the central part of the maryland anytime in the ú%ternoon, 1:00 or beyond, a fair chance of scattered showers and thunderrtorms, 93 degrees for the high tempprature and it will feel like temperatures are well interest the 90s. 85 degrees at the western part of maryland. going to the game there's a chance, there's a channe for a few thunderstorrs around. the first pitch teeperature 91 degrees, and overnight we will drop too73 and scattered evening showers and will turn partly cloudy oveenight. we will set up a stage for a better looking day tomorrow with more sunshine but still partly 94 for the high but less humidity ffr the day. the humidity returnn, 96 for friday, late day thunderstorm possible and overnight on sunday with overnight showers and thunderstorms saturday into sunday. 88 and 87, how does that look for monddy and tuesday, a whole lot better with mostly sunny skies. now let's see what is happening on the roadways with ccndace3 dold who has the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: we like those numbers for next week. as far as the temperatures are concerned and
of their back yard. >> two years ago, maryland residents voted to bring slot to the state. now they will once again vote whether they belong next to the shopping mall. the referendum was approved today after 40,000 jobs -- residents filed a petition. >> there plenty of other places in and around the county. >> it is now up to voters and out of the hands of lawmakers. >> there are a number of issues with local infrastructure, traffic. >> a major victory for opponents of the idea to put 5000 slots next to the azin naimi arundel mills mall. >> according to the baltimore based developer, this delay will cost the state of million dollars each day and halt 4000 jobs. >> the chairman of the company said -- >> right now, you have residents of maryland traveling to west virginia and atlantic city. they're taking their money out of the state. >> but the word used to live out west. >> now i feel like i cannot put my children on the bus stop. there will be a slot parlor that will be open almost 24 hours a day. >> interesting enough, this really could be a good thing for the maryland club. the state only
. not in maryland at this point. we do still have the chance for storms to develop in the next few hours. but hopefully to nothing of yesterday's point. if we could just show the graphic. the heat is still a major factor here. we're at 92 degrees. when you factor in the high humidity, it feels like 108. we will have that forecast for you coming up. >>> baltimore county police arrest a pasadena man for leaving a 5-year-old boy in a locked car. suzanne collins is in the newsroom with more on the suspect and the child's condition. suzanne? >>> mary, 25-year-old hector bedoya hernandez is charged with second-degree child abuse. police were called in sunday morning. a shopper called 911 when she noticed the child inside the locked chevy tahoe. the weather was above 97 degrees. the fire department broke the window and pulled the child out. the child was treated at st. agnes and released to his mother. >> all right, suzanne. thank you. the suspect is out on $25,000 bail. >>> a 5-year-old city boy is recovering today after running into traffic and being hit by a police car. the mark patrol car s
business report. >> good morning. maryland's host hotels will be releasing their quarterly results. analysts expect to see profits down slightly. as the hotel industry is sensitive to the ups and downs of the economy, there may be fewer people in its rooms over the last few hours. ahead of all of these reports, it looks like stocks will open up higher at this morning. stocks were up yesterday for a second straight day. the senate is set to extend unemployment insurance. the bill does need approval by the house. car dealerships may boast the almost twoes in years. team mobil opening up its wireless network in baltimore. that means superfast connections on t-mobile falcons. 185 americans should be covered by the four-g network by next year. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. >> it is 74 degrees on tv hill. we will get another look at your morning commute. >> the buzz begins to build for international soccer. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the department of agriculture overreacted in asking for the resignation of shirley sh
>>> good wednesday morning thank you for joining us for "good morning maryland" at 9:00. i'm megan pringle. james semioff this morning. we have so much going on this show. to give you a little brief on what is happening. i don't know if you heard of the mason dixon cookoff tournament. it's been described as the ncaa championship meets iron chef. so we'll see what that is all about and we told you yesterday that baskin robins is getting rid of french vanilla. don't worry, maggie moose has it. and they're celebrating national ice cream month. that is good news. and get back to work wednesday. and deb inti here to give us some good advice and the folks from wagman's are going to talk about summer essentials if you get a sunburn or bug bite, there are some quick things that you can do to take care of those. >>> a controversy new study on marriage. it found that if your friends get divorced, your chances of getting divorce could go up by 75 portion. does that mean -- 75%. does that mean that divorce is contagious. >> reporter: for more than three decades dan thought that he had a pictur
maryland judge who deflated the tires of a vehicle parked in his spot. today the court of appeals decided judge robert naly will be suspended without pay for five weeks t. all stems from a 2009 incident when he slashed the tires when someone parked if his spot. he wrote an apology. he is still a sitting judge. >>> still ahead, state of the commute. drivers leaving their cars in park and working from home. >> reporter: more of us are tell working from home but -- teleworking from home, but according to a new survey, only about half of area employers offer that option. >>> some passengers say it felt like a roller coaster ride. the latest on the extreme turbulence forcing a flight from d.c. to make an emergency landing. we're back. >>> some people were hurt on that flight from dulles to l.a. there. was extreme turbulence over kansas that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in denver after 3 passengers were hurt. one -- 30 passengers were hurt. one woman was jolted from her seat so hard, she cracked the wall with her head. >>> mar of us are -- more of us are carpooling. fewer of us
news, weather and traffic when "good morning maryland" gomes back after this [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virgin maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. tttxx<ó<ó?'>> there were lots of bumps and bruises on a you'll inside the air license flight heading from new york to los angeles. it had to make an emergency landing in denver when it hit severe turbulence over kansas. 21 people were injured and one critically. >> i saw two people hit the ceiling. a saw one lady hit the ceiling and slam back down. i had my seat belt on. a couple oxygen masks popped down debris flying and it was all over in about two or three seconds. passengers hurt were taken to five different hospitals with injuries to their heads, necks and back. >>> when you have a big, tall old tree next to your house, y
on hd, radar. not much goong on in baltimore or central maryland a ú%understorm around charlottesviile. earrler we had a few storms in the neighborhood. youucan see few on radar. we will continue to see those push to the east relatively quiit here around the state. but with that heat and hhmii we have a potential for more activity froo pennsylvania -orking its way down. ú%ter tonight, arouud the 7 to 8 or 9 hour we may see some showers and thunderstorms firing up here. the storm predictton center, yyu can see the arres that arr mostly effecttd right now, a -liiht risk category stretching all the waa from maiie through the mid atlantic back over the midwest and upper plains. ww're still in a light risk category. the main threat,,gusty ú%understorms withhheavy %--f downpoors of rain, frequent lightning, and we have to waach -ut for maybe even small hail. so rrally onceeagain, we're seeing things goinggup. temperatureeiie continue to be hot. we saw temperatures in the middú 90s to lower 90s. lookinggright now, 90 in baltimore. -tose humidity levvls aae up there as well..ú we'll see
.o.v. violators during the morning and evening rush hours on interstates across maryland and virginia. in the first h.o.v. awareness day back in may officers pulled over nearly 1,000 violators and arrest -- two fugitives. >>> another big story this morning, frightening moments on board a flight from dulles out west. dozens of passengers were injured when the flight to los angeles hit unexpected turbulence. and gurvir has the latest on what happened. >> reporter: the flight was over kansas city when it was hit by extreme turbulence, tossing passengers and crew members around. passengers say the plane took a great dip and described it as an up and down motion. 30 people were injured, most had bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains but some people did have to be hospitalized. others were treated at the scene. here is what one passenger said happened. >> all of a sudden the plane dropped probably 20-30 feet. i saw at least two people hit the ceiling. the girl in front of me two rows, i saw her hit the ceiling and slam back down. luckily i had my seat belt on. >> reporter: after everybody
. >>> number 1, you could beay at risk of identity theft. a maryland state employee posted the personal information from nearly 3,000 clients from the state's hearsay department online, everything from names to social security numbers were posted. they're sending them a letter offering a year of free credit checks. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. >>> aon, do you think anybody's looking for aon as a child's name? do you know st. john is also on the list. >>> weather coming up next. >>> and a closer look at how ebook technology is changing the face of reading. we'll be right back. . >>> but before we go to break. ladies, if you're 31 years old, this is your year. a new report claims women are at their most beautiful at this age. icaty homes and jennifer love hewit are also confident, which makes them attractive.  katie holmes and jennifer love hewit are also confident, which makes them attractive. >> been building the future of reading. electronic book sales are soaring,, the nation's largest book seller are now outselling hardbacks. sherr
are in the 70s, mid-70s right now. 76 reagan national and baltimore. 75 in southern maryland. easton 75. same with easton and culpeper. 80 degrees at 9:00, could be a sprinkle and this afternoon a few thunderstorms and highs between 90 and 95 with the drive home temperature 93 degrees. angie has too much to tell you at this hour. >> too much too early. we will get to at this time. it is all stuff you need to know. it is in the silver hill area. northbound silver hill road, blocked all lanes at route 4. take brooks drive over to route 4. so you have an alternate. can't access the ramp to 29 colesville road. notice here at university we have police activity on the shoulder taking away the right lane. route 7, route 50, braddock you are okay. same on 395 northbound. it is crossing the 14th street bridge you want to watch for the traffic pattern. one hour drive is what we are tracking from 95 northbound from fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with a developing story we have been following all morning long. a los angeles-bound plane that took off
store in buoy, maryland, around 9:00 this morning. he went to the downer and yelled at the clerk to hand over the money. the suspect then fired a gunshot into the air. the clerk gave up the cash and the suspect ran out the door and down the street. a few customers were in the store at the time but no one was hurt. >>> the national transportation safety board is now investigating that emergency landing that injured 20 passengers. the united airlines flight left dulles airport yesterday evening about 5:30 for l.a.x. but hit a lot ofture sglens land in the denver. passengers and crew member were injured, mostly with back and neck injuries. one woman was thrown from her seat. even left a crack on the plane where she hit the side of the cabin. we caught one passengers when they eventually arrived in los angel angeles. >> it felt like i had gone down an elevator shaft, hit the bottom and came back up. >> it was a big drop and all the wine glasses and everything went flying. there was drink all over the ceiling. people, and i guess some people might have not put their seatbelt on because that's
: in northwest washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >>> mixed reviews for young students across maryland. we'll break down the results of the maryland school assessment exam up next. >>> and here is the question of the day. we'll be joined by quentin aaron shortly. when the raiders won superbowl 45? go to and click on mornings to submit your answer. we're take a break and coming right back. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands! ♪ but we love eating totino's the most. we live for fun... ...friends... [ both ] ...and best of all... [ all ] ...our favorite... ...eating totino's! ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ we're the kids in... >>> making headlines this morning, 2010 is on track to become one of the deadliest years for police agencys across the united states. the national law enforcement officers memorial fopped said 87 officers died in the line of duty between january 1st and june 30th. most of the deaths were this california, texas and florida. >>> new
in ocean city and even western maryland not much of a break there. cumberland 72. we are all in the 70s with the cool spot being manassas and gaithersburg at 72. it is 73 reston, steriling and leesburg. columbia is 75 in howard county. college park, good morning to you, 77 our friend in crofton at 75 and brandywine at 73. winds are out of the south. fairly light. though national is 7 miles an hour and the a muggy 70 degrees. helping to fire off the showers and storms. you see them to the west in southern west virginia. they are going to shootout of us. but later this morning in to the afternoon we will have some showers and storms pushing through. scattered about the region. won't be raining everywhere. won't be raining constantly by one of those things you have to watch. tomorrow looks like a dry day. in the tropics, watching this tropical wave. this could develop in to colin in the next few days or so. this could go through the bahamas as a tropical storm or moderate to strong tropical storm on friday morning approaching florida. as far as louisiana. for us the heat is the big
heads to poolesville, maryland this friday. if you're in the area, stop by and say hello and of course tune in for all the hometown action right here on fox a friday morning.  there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can
money. >> the state of maryland is losing close to $2 million a day revenue when it's going out of state and it's a lot of money. >> cordish paid the state more than $28 million in liccnsing fees to build a inowe at arunnel mills. >>> no more on core, the final curtain is here for the former ownerr officials say thh city ownedd3 theater must go dark tied. but joel d smith is live at the theater wwere it seems there might be more drama, good morning, joel. >> reporter: here's been a a lot of people know about tte senator. it's been here ffr 71 years and thousand could be the last day they shoo movies in a long time. you come over here and you get -ear the door and you can still smell the lingering poocorn smell. and the last show they're dding, theenew hope, star wars for free theelong time owner and the operator of his place, started ú%ound 1177 when store wars came out. it's going to finish that way, also. thii week new management will take over. like the aagood movie there could be a twist. the former owner and current operator has 2,000 friends whoo3 havv been protesting the decis
. our guest is an attorney for the american civil liberties union of maryland. maryland law requires here, david, consent from all parties where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. why would there be an expectation of privacy on a public road? >> there plain and simply isn't any expectation of privacy. and i think it's important to remember here that it's a public official who was performing his official duty in public who is claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. and every court that has ever considered that question has said that such officials do not have an expectation of privacy. what we have here is a really extraordinary abuse of power both by the police and by the state's attorney's office that's charging mr. graber. >> and what gets me is that in many cases you have dash camera video now rolling during every traffic stop so that a person is recorded on the side of the road. how is it fair for the cops to do it but not fair for a private citizen to do it? >> that's exactly right. in fact, the maryland state police have those dash cams by virtue of
doppler radar in maryland. it's heading through central baltimore. the expressway could be getting wet. a little heavier shower pushing across the central sections of the city. it looks like we have another spot of showers just randallstown. we will watch this push through the area. there is more down southern maryland. the wide view indicates that we are looking at a very charged atmosphere with a good chance of storms especially this afternoon. 77 is the current temperature reading but the heat index into the lower 80s. definitely going to be a sticky and uncomfortable day. we're making another run for the 90s. 93 is the 2-degree guarantee but the humidity will make it feel like 100. some strong storms firing up this afternoon and this evening. taking you to the west and westminster, 92. good chance of strong thunderstorms. you need the rain for the farms and eastern shore, you and will get the showers and storms making it to about 94 in easton. look at the heat wave, 95 dropping the humidity a bit tomorrow. 97 on friday. and 99 on saturday, could reach 100 in some back yards. here i
georgetown at this point in time. traveling the beltway, a couple of things to reported in maryland. on the outer loop in prince george's county, right near route 5 branch avenue, we do have some construction under way getting by single file to the right. here we are 210 indian head highway with the later volume, it likes everybody is moving well through this stretch. on the inner loop. beltway near colesville road, we had trees down to the right side of the roadway. watch for police activity there. also on the ramp from colesville to get on to the inner loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the ntsb report on last summer's deadly metro crash will be released next week and from broken escalators to fare increases, the transit system just can't seem to get away from the bad press these days. metro's leaders are now talking about some of the nagging problems they are facing. >> it's transportation system with some major issues. safety, new fare increases, escalators that don't work and panic during rush hour last w
. >>> according to the maryland congressman, an appropriations bill includes $10 million to build a new pier for the usns comfort. it's based in baltimore and it's not confirmed if it will move to virginia. >> the senator theatre is changing hands with free screenings of "star wars." it will show the collectors print tonight. he started working in the family owned business at 1977 and that was the same year that the iconic film showed. >>> still to come on eyewitness news at noon. animal cruelty, a donkey is sent into flight oversouthern russia. and it's not your normal option. auction, find out how to own elvis history from his desk. >>> also, bernadette woods will be back with the forecast. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece. daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices and great club card savings. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced. [ female announcer ] safeway. ingredients for life. now introducing all new refreshe bever
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